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I wanted to make more pics in this style to put up in my room but now with colored eyes because, hey, I like eyes.

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did you guys know i was the biggest zatch bell/gash bell fan in elementary school

and everyone laughed at me for it


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Anonymous asked: If zatch didn't have the green bag. What do you think he'd be using instead?

Well let’s see.. first of all I’m not even sure how the green back works, I mean his feet stick out the bottom apparently so it makes me wonder if he cut holes in it to creep around.  

If Zatch didn’t have it he’s clever enough to make use of anything whether a box or whatever’s inconspicuous that he could fit in.  I’m sure he’s very grateful to have that bag though, it’s a pretty good method of staying undedected at Kiyo’s school and other places.. that is if Zatch can keep his mouth shut.  

What a cutie 


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Look guys I’ve reached the infamous 214 follower count

I think Sherry Belmont and Kiyo Takamine may get a kick out of this

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lifefiberoverride asked: You know what else is tragic about zatch bell? All the awesome six year old characters that i, a bulky 20 year old man, can't cosplay. I'm so disappointed I'll never be able to be ted.

That is true, it would be a struggle for you to cosplay as one of the Mamodo kids, it’d be easier of you’re a short girl you may be able to get away with that.  

Shame too because Ted is fantastic… but Danny’s a little bit like Ted and he’s older.  Ever considered him?  Also there’s Rodeaux, Brago, and a few other Mamodo boys that are a bit taller as well, Danny just reminds me of Ted a lot, that’s why I bring him up.  

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